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Our Story Marbella-Homes.es

MARBELLA-HOMES.ES  is your Belgian,Spanish real estate QUALITY AWARD winning  agent on the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca in Spain. With our’e help you can find and buy the best properties on the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca. We speak your language and understand your wishes – WE HAVE ACCES TO ALL COSTAS PROPERTIES in Spain ,so it is easier to find the right House or apartment. We have more than 20 years experience in the Real Estate sector in Belgium and Spain. We are professional brokers with official IP and BIV numbers..we have already done a succes story with Century21 offices for more than 15 years in Belgium.

Marbella-Homes.es is a sub-department  of “Best Investments Group SL” a Belgian,Spanish company that is active in helping you buying and sailing your’e projects in Real Estates investments on personal and Proffesional  level ,we are the owners of different real estate companies at the  Costa Del Sol and the Costa Blanca in Spain.


Salvatore Mandalio

Salvatore Mandalio

CEO Marbella Homes

IP Broker from Belgium, speaks 7 languages fluently,15 years experience with Century21. And 20 years experience in Costa Del Sol.

Veronica Lopez

Veronica Lopez

Spanish Sales Team

Veronica Lopez is an Spanish,English,French speaking lady with more than 5 year experience in Real Estate sector in Marbella. 

Tom Van Der Draaij

Tom Van Der Draaij

Belgian Sales Team

Belgian IP Broker at Costa Del Sol,speaks Dutch,French,Englisch,Italian,and with more than 8 years experience at Marbella.

Gail Storms

Gail Storms

Scandinavian Sales Team

 IP Broker at Costa Del Sol,speaks,Swedish,Denmarks,French,Englisch,Italian,and with more than 5 years experience at Marbella.






Our Service at Marbella-Homes.es.

  • Sales properties, apartment, villa, townhouse  
  • Sales Luxe properties 
  • Estimation of your property
  • Listing of your property
  • Location properties (long term)
  • Location properties (short term)
  • Property management 
  • Property maintenance
  • Syndicus
  • 100% Bank loan for Belgian buyers
  • Project Development