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Estimation of your property

Valuate the price of your real estate property by Marbella-homes

The estimation of the price of your property nu Marbella-homes.es is often the first step in your sale venture. This first part is very important because the price will most likely influence on the timeframe of the sale.
It is possible to use online tools to evaluate the price of your house or flat but nothing replace the experience and advices provided by a local real estate professional. We estimate estimate for free your property at Costa Del sol.

How do you evaluate the price of your house or flat?

In order to have a correct price, Marbella-Homes.es will take into account multiple factors:

  • Factual elements such as the property’s characteristics
  • Geographical factors: address and location
  • Some factors are more subjective: the state of the property and also the quality
  • But also other elements which can vary like the local market pressure for similar goods in the area at the moment of the sale.

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kids and Family

kids and Family

Your children will thank you for the rest of their days for your decision to move to Spain!.. As one of the most child-friendly countries in the world, children are cherished and prioritized in Spain..Spanisch people are unconditionally fond of children....

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