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Syndic for developers and multiple property owners

The syndic is responsible for convening the Association of Co-owners and implementing the decisions of the Association of Co-owners. Especially in apartment buildings, where plural owners and flat ownership, which is the most last but not least. The best-of-the-cos-of-the-his-less, or stairs of the underground spaces (stairs, construction garages) with their technical equipment (elevator, heating, burglary protection, .. Sometimes he does that himself, in a larger apartment building, he is a coordinator who makes use of external companies. It is also possible that the person is the syndic of several VMEs.

As a representative of the VME, the syndic is accountable to the general meeting for its management. His mandate is limited to three years, but is renewable, if he explicitly requests it.

A syndic may, if he is a co-owner, vote on the vote, but may not be a mandate holder of other co-owners.

However, another VME staff member may be a person who works at the latest at the VME, but cannot participate in these votes, either in a person, through a representative, or as a representative of another co-owner; not even if he is a co-owner.

If he performs this function professionally , not in the context of managing his family fortune, he must be independent and recognized as a broker. Every recognized broker may (currently) practice the profession of “real estate agent-syndicalist” 


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